Top 5 Things That Make Me Want to Stop Reading a Book

Okay, so we’ve all have our quirks right? A lot of mine are bookish related, but still nonetheless weird quirks. I’m going to tell you guys my top five things that happen in books that make me want to just stop reading the book altogether. Whether it’s a good book or not.

  1. When the story moves way too fast to keep up with        

There are times when I’m in the middle of reading a book and I just stop and think “Wow, when did this happen? I just started this.”. Don’t get me wrong, I love great books with a big storyline, but PACE YOURSELF MAN! I don’t want to feel like the story is moving too fast and confusing me left and right.

  1. When the writer messes up detail

Have you ever read a book and say at the beginning of the book there’s a girl with “flowing blonde hair” but somewhere in the middle of the book the same girl ended up with a “short red bob” or something like that? It’s happened to me a few times. I would go back and see if I missed a part where there was some stop at the salon, but there never was. I always wonder if that’s what was supposed to happen or if the writer forgot what was said in the beginning.


Nothing in this world irritates me more than a book with a ton of bad grammar. Like shit dude, doesn’t books have to go through proper editing?! I am not a grammar expert by any means, but I can definitely tell you there have been countless times where the grammar in books have been so bad I wanted to speak with the editor of the book myself and just say “What the hell is this?”. I have once read a book that had grammar mistakes all throughout the book so I highlighted every mistake I saw while continuing to read. This one has to be the worst for me. I really just cannot cope with bad grammar in books. I get all irritated just thinking about it, haha!

  1. Back and forth between character POV or time periods

As far as back and forth between books, it has never made me stop reading a book altogether, I just do not particularly like it all that much. It confuses me really, more than anything else. For example the book Gone Girl, I loved the book. In the beginning where it would switch between the husbands and the wife’s POV, and the husband was at a different time than the wife’s… That confused me like no other. It worked with the book though. It made it a very interesting read. You should check it out!

  1. When the end comes before the beginning

Again with this reason; It wouldn’t make me stop reading a book, but I just really don’t like it. More often than not when the writer tells the ending before the beginning you can pretty much predict the story throughout. I know it’s not like that all of the time, that’s just how I feel when it starts off like that. I like stories to be unpredictable and throw me for a loop.         

Now that you know some of my weird bookish quirks, I’d love to know yours! 🙂 Comment below with the weird reasons that make you want to not finish a book.