7 Tips & Tricks for a Better Night’s Sleep

Need a little help getting a better night's sleep? Check out my tips and tricks!

Calling out to all of my night owls who need more good sleep! I have an extremely bad habit of staying up wayyyy to late, even though I know I have a million and one things to do the next day. I’m going to share with you the things I’ve been doing to help me fall asleep faster and have a great night’s sleep. 


My number one thing, personally, is to stick to a routine. I can’t say that enough. Routine, routine, routine! I’ll be posting my nighttime routine very soon!

Relaxing bath/shower 

I love taking an evening bath. It’s what winds me down to get ready for bed. I like using aromatherapy during that too. I’ll either use anything lavender scented like essential oils, lush bath melts, or Epsom salts.

Don’t nap

If you take an afternoon nap, more than likely it’ll affect your ability to fall asleep when you’re ready for bed.

Bedroom is solely for sleeping

Keep your bedroom simple and clutter free. Never use your bedroom as a workspace. If you do, your brain will come accustomed to it and when you walk in and see your work area you’ll go into productive work mode. That’s the complete opposite of what we’re trying to achieve.

Lay off on the technology 

Try to stop using technology an hour before bed. (this is the hardest for me to do) The blue light in all technology makes your brain more alert and suppresses melatonin. Instead of reaching for your phone, go for a book instead.

Drink herbal tea

I love tea almost as much as I love coffee! Drink a hot herbal tea before bed. Make sure there is no caffeine in it. My favorite to drink is the celestial sleepytime tea.

Bedtime yoga routine

You could also try a bedtime yoga routine. I have never tried this myself, but I really want to! I found this one on Pinterest, check it out here!

These are all of my bedtime tricks I use for a better night’s sleep. I’m always looking for new tips, so let me know yours!